Ever wondered why some entrepreneurs choose either WordPress or Webflow?. What are the reasons and motives to take the big step to build their websites on one of them? well in this article you will know more in-depth details that will help you make the decision that will best suit you and your venture. 

Firstly, what is WordPress? 

WordPress is software that allows you to easily build websites and publish content online. The software is released under the GNU Public License, which means it is free to download and free to use. It was launched back in 2003 and it powers about 35% of total websites on the internet. WordPress started simple but it grew and developed into a more feature-rich CMS. 

It might be confusing that you will find two domain names for WordPress but no worries I got you covered 

Which to choose: WordPress.org or WordPress.com? 


This is the self-hosted version. It’s more popular and more flexible. It has no restrictions which make it easier to customize your website. As the name suggests -self-hosted- you have to make sure your website is 24/7 online alongside handling administrative tasks such as securing, backup, update, and other weekly maintenance. You could do them all on your own but it’s highly recommended to purchase a hosting package from a company, to handle those tasks so you can create content and manage your venture efficiently. 


However, WordPress.com is a hosted publishing service that hosts WordPress for you so you could have all your attention to the market for your website. Unlike WordPress.org, you have to pay a monthly subscription to remove advertisements, have your domain name, and add new features and advanced plugins which are provided for free on WordPress.org. 

Even though hosting yourself could cost a few dollars per month but for beginners and new WordPress users, it’s preferable to choose WordPress.com as it’s more affordable in the short run and less concerning regarding keeping up with the administrative tasks but thinking about flexibility, fewer restrictions, and long-run terms WordPress.org is better. 

Here are some real-life examples of websites we Designed and developed using WordPress! 

World Business Council for Sustainable Development: (https://sustainabilitydriven.info/

Pet Power (by Pet Alliance Europe): (https://pet-power.eu/)

Secondly, What is Webflow

This no-code website builder gives you total control to build, manage, customize layouts, and plan your site however you like. You’ve got a lot of cutting-edge tools to assist you in doing so. It allows you to work with three coding languages- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript- but don’t worry about it you don’t have to understand them! Your focus stays on the visual side, or frontend, of the design. 

To be honest there’s still a small learning curve to be able to use Webflow but they got their users covered with plenty of tutorials, lessons, forums, and blogs. 

Here is a link to their university check it out!: (https://university.webflow.com/

You’d be pleased to know that Webflow gives you the ability to drag-drop items and they have layouts and designs and other complex components that are already built for you and they recommend similar layouts to the ones you choose which makes it easier to avoid being overwhelmed with so many details. It also can provide you with a custom domain name and hosting instead of seeking providers. Webflow is cloud-based which means it needs to have high-security policies so they have iso27018 which protect privacy in the cloud and SSL – security socket layer- that establishes an encrypted link between servers and clients. 

Here are some other examples of websites we designed and developed using Webflow! 

Tayf Real Estate: (https://www.tayfegypt.com/)   

Kalemat : (www.kalematcommunications.com

Lastly, WordPress or Webflow?  

Well for the usual not so preferable answer “It depends” you can’t rely on any article to choose for you instead of making your own decision, each of those two websites has its pros and cons but it all depends on the users themselves. Let us give examples of situations that might lead you to chose from one of the two sites. If you have a company portfolio with a simple design then your go-to might be Webflow, However, if you are having an event website and there is an intensive amount of data then you might go to WordPress. 

Whatever you chose we support you! But if you still have any concerns and you aren’t so sure, you can always reach out to us for consultations! 

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