In this post, we’ll walk you through how we created a content website that has grown in organic traffic by 41x (~4000%) in the last 12 months. This website got 521 visitors in October 2022 vs. 21,360 visitors in October 2023, all visitors are from Google.

We’ll share exactly how we planned and executed the main SEO strategies that led to this growth. We’ll also dive into the steps we’re taking to monetize it and what we’re planning for the future of this website. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the meat of this case study.

“Egyptian Bites” SEO Case Study

Before we break down the actual strategies, let me give you a quick introduction to the website. Egyptian Bites is a content website or a “blog” containing articles that curate the top restaurants in different cities, neighborhoods, malls, compounds, and even streets in Egypt. 

The website currently has more than 100 articles and pages covering different areas in Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, Maadi, El Gouna, and Alexandria with plans to scale across the entire country. It was launched in September 2022 with the intention to fill the content gap on Google in the Egyptian F&B industry. 

Key Takeaways/Steps

1- The Idea 

We’re all aware that the food review industry is super saturated on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. But what about Google? Try Googling something like “Italian restaurants in Maadi” and check the results on the first page of Google. Here’s a screenshot showing the 3rd, 4th, and 5th results when you search for this keyphrase:

These results do not meet the search intent that the users and Google are expecting to see. It’s crucial to understand and fulfill the search intent if you’re looking to rank your website pages on Google. 

The search intent here is to provide a list of the top Italian restaurants in Maadi. So, not in “Egypt”, not a page that features only one restaurant, and preferably not a page that has no content or details about each restaurant listed. 

Et voilà! That’s when we realized that could be a golden opportunity. A chance for us to find hundreds and thousands of other similar keywords that are underserved on Google and that people actually search for a lot on a monthly basis. 

A chance for us to create high-quality, relevant content that meets the search intent and provides better value for the users than the pages that are currently ranking. 

If you think you have an “Aha!” idea and need help verifying it as a potentially interesting opportunity, contact us now and we can help validate, plan, and launch your dream content website. 

2- Approach and Research

To verify that this is a real opportunity, we had to do our research and make sure there are a handful of keywords in the same niche or catgeory whether in English or Arabic.

We found out that there’s an even bigger opportunity in Arabic. Keywords like مطاعم اركان بلازا and مطاعم وصلة دهشور were on the list of high-volume keywords that were clearly underserved on Google. 

Initially, we found dozens of Arabic keywords of the same type so we decided to give this project a go.

We did our keyword research using a well-known tool in the SEO industry called Semrush. There are cheaper alternatives to this tool like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and KeySearch

Finding Low Difficulty Keywords Using Semrush

Keyword research can make or break your whole SEO strategy, especially when you’re working on a brand new website. A brand new website doesn’t have any factors that make Google to trust it, unlike more established websites.

This is why -as a new website- you’re better off going for keywords that have lower competition on Google so that you have a chance to rank and start getting traffic. 

The simplest way to start is to feed a tool like Semrush a relevant seed keyword. In our case, one very obvious seed keyword is مطاعم. 

The screenshot above shows a sample of keywords with the estimated monthly search volumes for each keyword. The search volume represents how many times a specific keyword is searched on a monthly basis. 

What you should be looking for is the lowest possible keyword difficulty combined with the highest volume. This process is much deeper than this and it’s better to manually verify that the keywords are easy to rank for. However, this is a good start and the numbers provided by Semrush are good initial indicators.

The Importance of “Topical Authority”

“Topic authority” as mentioned in the Google guidelines is covering a specific topic thoroughly to be seen by Google as an “Authority” in this niche or topic. This is especially vital for smaller websites that are trying to gain Google’s trust. 

For example, if you’re brand new website that is trying to rank for diverse keywords like “best laptop”, “best tablet”, and “best mobile”, you’re better off starting in one sub-niche, let’s say tablets for example. This will allow you to build a better “Topic Authority” in the tablets category.

In this case, you can go for keywords like “best tablets for gaming”, “best tablets for architects”, etc. 

I believe this is the ultimate deal-maker SEO tactic for new websites. This strategy can be implemented on any niche and any website type to establish a solid topical authority in the eyes of Google. 

You can contact us if you’re looking to outsource this process. We’ve done it dozens of times for different website types (e-commerce, B2B, content sites, & more) and had similar results like this one.

3- Website Design & Development

Initally, we didn’t take the professional website design and development route. We couldn’t dedicate the needed resources to have a professionally designed website at the beginning so we created a basic WordPress website (anyone can do it).

Note: Our technical team was busy with a handful of client projects and they didn’t have enough time to spare for an internal project.

“Done is better than perfect” especially when you have limited resources. We decided to make a quick design revamp when we started to get some traffic from Google after a few months of launching the website. Special thanks to our talented technical team.

I believe that it’s crucial to plan your resources from the start and make sure you invest in what will bring you the best results. In our case, our main product and best investment is definitely content. 

I’ll talk more about how we went through the content creation and optimization process in the coming section.

4- Content Creation & Optimization

After putting together a very basic content strategy that includes the main keywords, content calendar, and a basic article template, we were ready to start writing our first article. 

As an attempt to build a solid topical authority foundation, we decided to go for a geo-based content plan. We had prepared keyword groups that are categorized by areas and cities in Cairo.

Starting with Sheikh Zayed city, we wrote and published more than 40 articles covering different areas in Sheikh Zayed and October. We started publishing in September and we reached 42 published articles half way through November. 

This means that we published 4-5 new articles per week -on average- for the first 2 months. 

It’s important to mention that we had about 10-15 articles that were written in advance, which gave us a publishing boost at the beginning without the need to actually write 5 articles per week. 

A good target or benchmark in my opinion would be an average of 2 articles per week. 

Content Optimization

You should always prioritize adding value and providing useful content over any SEO tactics. That said, it’s also important that you optimize your content for Google and other search engines. 

Basic on-page optimization techniques include:

Other techniques that will help elevate the quality of your content:

Advanced content optimization techniques:

5- Monetization & Future Plans

Last but definitely not least, I’ll delve into what we did and what we’re planning to do in order to make Egyptian Bites a revenue-generating business. 

We started adding display ads to Egyptian Bites through a Google-Certified Ad Network, you can easily apply and their team will review your website and make sure it doesn’t violate either their or Google’s policy. 

When your website is approved, they’ll let you know the next steps on how to set up your website to start showing ads.

Display Ads are not our primary monetization method due to the low RPMs (Revenue per thousand visitors) for visitors from North Africa. This is due to a number of reasons that are not within scope of this article, so I’ll skip explaining this part for now.

Our primary monetization strategy is to allow restaurants to advertise on different pages of our website based on their location, cuisine, etc. Here are some of the advantages restaurants can enjoy when they advertise on our website.

Super Targeted Traffic

Our website gets over 25,000 visitors from Google on a monthly basis. The interesting part is that all the visitors land on our website after searching something very specific like “best restaurants in Arkan Plaza” for example. 

This makes our website very efficient in converting visitors into clients or customers for restaurants, because the visitor is the one looking for what we’re offering, not vice versa. 

On the other hand, social media ads, for example, don’t work the same way. You, as a business, will show your ads to people who are probably interested or were interested in a specific service one day, but this won’t guarantee that your ads will show to someone who is actually searching for your service right now. Egyptian Bites guarantees that. 

Future Plans

We believe Egyptian Bites will be a leading content website in the F&B industry and has the potential to be a very successful business inshallah. We’re currently looking for sponsors to invest more in content quality and quantity and provide helpful advice for searchers on Google.

Wrapping Up

We’ll keep working on our main product (content and SEO) and we’re currently exploring new monetization techniques that would help us maintain and improve our content and website. 

If you’re a restaurant owner who’s interested in being featured on Egyptian Bites, reach out to us at You can also contact us if you have any kind of business and want to explore our SEO services.