Having a solid online presence, mainly through a well-crafted website, can provide your business with a legitimate edge. 

A website serves as a virtual storefront, offering potential customers a glimpse into your brand, products, and services. It is a powerful tool that can significantly impact your business’s success.

To ensure that your website resonates with your target audience and effectively represents your brand, partnering with a reputable digital marketing agency becomes the goal. 

A skilled agency possesses the expertise and resources to design and develop the perfect website tailored to your business objectives.

With that said, here are the top 11 web design agencies in Egypt!

Best Web Design Agencies in Egypt

Kaii Lab

They are a transformative digital marketing agency based in Cairo, Egypt, specializing in providing the latest and most advanced premium digital products, services, and solutions to support value-driven businesses.

When it comes to web design and web development, Kaii Lab truly excels as experts in their field. They possess the skills and expertise to craft websites that not only capture attention but also keep your audience captivated.

At the core of their agency is a group of highly talented, ambitious, and humble designers, developers, and creatives who are deeply passionate about the intersection of marketing, data, and technology. 

They share a common vision of empowering businesses in the rapidly advancing digital world. Recognizing that every number represents a person, their mission is to make a positive impact on a daily basis through the connections they build.

Not only are they skilled in creating exceptional websites, but they also excel in utilizing powerful tools like Webflow and WordPress. 

Moreover, they have taken the initiative by establishing a Facebook group dedicated to the Webflow community in the Middle East. 

This group serves as a platform for Webflow users across the region to connect, communicate, and exchange valuable tips and tricks.

Check out the group from here: Webflow Community (Middle East)

Key services: Web design/development, Social media management, SEO, and Branding

Contact: info@kaiilab.com / 01006294426

Big Move Agency

Big Move comprises a talented group of creative and analytical individuals who are passionate about ensuring your story is heard. 

With a blend of creativity, art, and data-driven insights, they craft remarkable experiences that elevate your brand to new heights. 

Their expertise and innovative approach enable them to create awe-inspiring web designs that captivate your audience and propel your brand forward. 

By leveraging their unique blend of skills and their touch of magic, Big Move empowers you to confidently take the next significant step in expanding your brand’s digital presence, reach and influence.

Key services: Web design/dev, Video production, Social media, Branding & positioning, Advertising 

Contact: contact@BMP.Agency / +2023 78 79 77 1, +2023 78 79 77 2 , +20237879773


Squad. stands as a strategic branding and design studio, dedicated to the comprehensive transformation of brands – from strategic inception to experiential fruition.

With an unwavering commitment, Squad crafts, sustains, and revitalizes brands, enveloping them in a seamless journey from strategy formulation to an immersive experience. 

Their ability to create captivating websites that leave a lasting impression on your audience can significantly enhance your online presence, drive customer engagement, and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Key services: Web des/dev, Social media, Website creation, Video production, Digital strategy 

Contact: info@squadcc.com /  01022553317

New Step Media

They are an innovative and integrated digital media agency, specializing in the creation and implementation of brands on the internet. 

With their expertise and forward-thinking approach, they excel at crafting unique and impactful digital experiences for their clients. 

Their team of skilled professionals combines creativity, technical know-how, and strategic thinking to develop compelling brand identities that resonate with the target audience. 

From designing visually stunning websites to implementing effective digital marketing campaigns, they offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. 

By leveraging their in-depth understanding of digital platforms and consumer behavior, they help businesses establish a strong online presence and drive meaningful engagement. 

Through their cutting-edge techniques and dedication to excellence, they strive to push the boundaries of digital innovation, delivering remarkable results that drive growth and success for their clients.

Key services: Market research, SEO, Media buying & SEM, Social media, Branding

Contact: +2 33044094 | +2 33044090 | +2 33045014 / info@newstepmedia.net


Established in 2018, Kwayse is a leading digital solutions provider that is committed to enabling business growth in the face of today’s competitive market. 

With a global presence across three locations – London (HQ), Egypt, and Pakistan – Kwayse takes pride in its diverse team of around 30 highly skilled digital engineers. 

Their unwavering passion lies in empowering businesses by delivering innovative digital solutions.

Kwayse’s expertise encompasses a wide range of digital services tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. From web development and design to mobile app development, they possess the technical prowess to create impactful digital experiences that drive results.

Kwayse understands the significance of effective digital marketing strategies in today’s landscape. Their team of experts specializes in digital marketing techniques to ensure maximum online visibility and engagement for their clients.

Key services: Website development, Web App development, SEO

Contact:  +201090283257


Penvlit operates as a comprehensive digital marketing agency, specializing in a range of services including social media marketing, web design and development, SEO, Google Adwords, branding, email marketing, offline marketing, SMS campaigns, and more. 

The agency caters to both large and small businesses aiming to enhance the efficacy of their message dissemination.

The agency’s primary objective revolves around facilitating clients in achieving their business goals through the provision of potent digital services and products. 

Penvlit collaborates closely with its clientele to conceptualize and furnish innovative and impactful digital remedies for various business challenges. This commitment extends to enterprises of all scales, ultimately contributing to their amplified success.

Key services: SEO, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Web design & development

Contact: info@penvlit.com 

The Portal Agency

The Portal is as a worldwide marketing consultancy and software development agency, situated across key locations such as New York, Dubai, Munich, and Cairo. 

With a primary focus on creativity, content, technology, and e-commerce, the agency lends its expertise to global brands.

By facilitating the creation of exceptional assets and furnishing distribution platforms, The Portal enables brands to effectively narrate their stories and establish meaningful connections with their clientele. 

Within its array of offerings, the agency presents a comprehensive range of services and products, spanning from expansive e-commerce solutions to the generation of content for digital campaigns.

Among its fundamental services are mobile application development, website creation, web design, e-commerce implementation, digital marketing and SEO strategies, content origination, and branding initiatives. 

Through these multifaceted endeavors, The Portal remains dedicated to empowering businesses to thrive within the digital landscape.

Key services: SEO, Digital marketing, Media production, Branding, Web design & development

Contact:   start@theportalagency.com / +2 02 252 44 77 6 / +2 011 01000 977

Pioneers Solutions

Pioneers Solutions is an Egyptian company that specializes in offering SEO, services, programming services, web design, and mobile application development. 

Additionally, the company provides e-marketing services, along with the creation of custom programs and applications tailored to specific needs.

If you’re ready to unlock the doors of captivating web designs and development, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Key services: SEO, Mobile app development, Web design, Custom software development, Social media marketing

Contact:  Sales@Pioneers-Solutions.Com / 01021990214 /  01021990215 / 01021990216 / 01021990218 


Intcore is a leading software solutions company committed to propelling businesses into the digital era. 

With a highly skilled and innovative team boasting over 18 years of experience, Intcore offers a comprehensive range of technological services, smart solutions, and technical consultations. 

Their vision is to become a global business partner, delivering exceptional technological solutions and consultations in a fast-paced, highly competitive environment. With an unwavering focus on trust, Intcore keeps its promises, treats others with respect, and upholds transparency. 

They demonstrate care by acting responsibly towards their people, clients, brands, society, and the environment. Striving for excellence in everything they do, Intcore pursues perfection to ensure outstanding outcomes for their clients. 

Through teamwork and collaboration with clients, Intcore co-creates value, providing digital transformation, UI/UX design, mobile app development, and web development services that have enabled more than 200 businesses to thrive and succeed.

Key services: UI/UX analysis and design, technical consultations, Digital transformation development and design, Website development

Contact:  +2010000 180 81 – +2010000 150 51/ sales@intcore.com 

BNI – Bright New Ideas

“Bright New Ideas” is not merely a name, but a guiding principle for the company. With an extensive client portfolio that includes major multinational corporations from diverse industries, they also serve as digital partners for established local and multinational advertising agencies. 

Their expertise spans various domains, encompassing marketing, web design, e-commerce back-end, and user interface development, along with graphic design for companies, products, and corporate identity creation. 

Furthermore, they excel in the development of digital marketing tools through a network of skilled professionals.

Key services: Web development, Web design, Mobile App development


Addicta is a digital transformation company that specializes in software development, UX/UI design, and brand identity design. 

With a strong presence and a track record of projects across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and North America, they offer their expertise to businesses seeking to build websites, web applications, and mobile apps. 

If you are looking to propel your business into the digital world, Addicta is the ideal partner. With their collaborative approach, they work closely with clients to create successful digital projects and achieve transformative outcomes.

Key services: Mobile Application Design / Development, Web Application Design/ Development, Website Design / Development, E-Commerce Design / Development, UX/UI Design.

Contact: sales@Addictaco.com / ​+20 127 119 9354

Here are the best 11 web design and development agencies in Egypt that will definitely craft the perfect websites based on your needs.